Please email Jane on or phone +61 2 99117211 to make an appointment. The practice location at The Poche Centre – 40 Docklands Road, North Sydney 2060 (across from The Mater Hospital).


For more complex health or medical conditions, it is recommended to obtain a referral from your doctor so that our time together is enhanced by the  benefit of a team approach and that all your medical issues are detailed. After your consultation at Food Equation, Jane will send a letter summarising the goals discussed to your doctor and yourself.


First consultation

  • The first consultation duration is normally about 60 minutes. Jane will spend time to:
    • Understand you, your work and life circumstances.
    • Review your health and medical issues and what you want nutrition to take charge of to achieve.
    • Review your food records or take them, she may also take some other baseline measures which may include a body composition measure (fat, muscle and hydration)
    • Work on educating you with friendly, un-judgemental but fast track advice and then design your own personal food plan that will be loaded up with lots of good food recommendations, as well as the practical know-how to enable it all to fit in and happen. Jane can also help guide on local food stores, products and take you on shopping trips.
  • In addition a follow-up review appointment will be arranged. A follow-up appointment is normally 30 minutes depending on your medical condition. This will enable further fine tunes if necessary as well as the support and ongoing council needed to reach your goal

Completeness of care

Sydney can be a small place and you should be reassured that all consultations are completely confidential. If I see you in any public or social forum I will not approach or make contact with you unless you make contact with me first.

School food and F&B consultations

Jane has become known for her school food work in various International schools. The re-invigoration of the school menus at the Singapore American School was featured on “Food Detectives” channel 5, as food that students really look forward to, whilst knowing that their meal spend is doing a lot more to lift their day, improve classroom focus and sports performance. Jane also consulted to the Singapore Sports school and some leading F&B food outlets, interested in reaching a health conscious market. ┬áJane strength is to combine her passion for good food, professional cookery training to show you how easy it can be to enjoy tasty meals that do more for you. Jane also available to run hands on workshops at schools, she has fun working with the kids to excite them to enjoy a positive relationship with food and to eat to be the best they can be.