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Weight Management

Jane is recognised for hard hitting, individualised weight loss programs. Her approach is individual, evidence based and remembers the importance of not only weight loss but the need for approaches that are real and sustainable. Jane has helped hundred’s of individuals find new, invigorating ways to weight loss for health and fitness.

Sports Nutrition

Jane specialises in Sports Nutrition and has been accepted as a member of the Sports Dietitians Australia. She is now completing a post graduate diploma in sports nutrition which is a selective 2 year program run by the International Olympic Committee sports nutrition faculty. Every sports person is different, Jane will work closely with you to get an in depth understanding of what and how you eat around your sporting pursuits. She looks at your biochemistry, your hydration and sodium requirements, the best nutrient mix for you to fuel your sport and can advise on specific supplements that may or may not add to your dietary efforts.

Bowel or Gastrointestinal Disorders

Jane recently worked out of Princess Grace Hospital in London and saw individuals referred by numerous top gastroenterologist consultants to advise on the dietary management of irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, reflux and crohn’s disease. Diet is an integral part of a normal functioning gut, it also can be modified to help manage a range of GI conditions. Gastroenterologists who regularly referred were located at The London Clinic, Harley St Clinic, Princess Grace Hospital and Chelsea and Westminister Hospital. Jane is also a UK Kings College trained FODMAP Dietitian, FODMAPs are an effective and evidence based dietary treatment for IBS.

Cancer/ Post-cancer patients

Jane consults with a wide range of patients both during and after cancer treatment.  She helps those who are newly-diagnosed to know the best way to eat during the treatment stage, she also supports individuals who are having difficulty eating or noticing shape or energy changes. She is also an expert in the best dietary approaches to help reduce cancer risks after treatment. Jane has worked in oncology for around 10 years and was recently the lead consultant Dietitian at London Oncology Clinic (LOC). She authored the World Cancer Research Fund booklet ‘Eating well and being active following cancer  treatment.‘  and developed the Living Well Nutrition program at London Oncology Clinic. Jane also recently authored ‘ Eating Well During Treatment’, which was awarded a prize at the British Medical Association book awards and recommended by Macmillian cancer and Cancer Research UK.

Heart Disease, high cholesterol & blood pressure

Jane began her career as a Dietitian working on the cardiology unit at St Vincent’s and Cabrini hospital. She was involved in running various cardiac rehabilitation programmes and enjoyed working with individuals who wanted to eat well to look after their body and combat health challenges.

Type 2 Diabetes

Jane has helped many individuals with diabetes obtain better control of their blood glucose levels. She was also employed as product specialist and the nutrition education resources for Novo Nordisk, a leading manufacturer of insulin, pens, pumps and diabetic medications.

Women’s Health Issues

Jane has worked with many individuals whose lives are dominated with food and self-image issues. She understands the complex relationships that these individuals need to try to unravel before they can really to re-connect with food in a healthier way. Combating disordered eating including anorexia and bulimia requires a team approach with psychological and medical input. For women with menopause PCOS, diet has a important role in helping with blood sugar control, insulin resistance and weight control.

Schools, Workplaces and Catering Companies

The food that schools and corporate catering teams provide may or may not support optimal performance, learning and concentration in the classroom and the workplace. Food Equation works hand in hand with international schools, work places and food manufacturers on product development and nutrition communications to ensure the menu available supports is not only delicious but that it supports the reason for its being.

Children, Teenagers and disordered eating